Tree Service

As our name implies, we are a tree service and we work with trees in all seasons. During the heat, rain, snow and ice, we will be there.  When it gets breezy or windy, do you worry about your trees swaying or leaning? Do you have a “widow maker” hanging in your tree? Do you need tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal or stump grinding?  Call us for service.

We can help with any tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning  and so much more. Do you have tree stumps? Whether or not we created the stump, we would be happy to give you a quote to grind any stumps you may have.  (360) 719-8472

Tree service, arborculturist removing tree limbs to improve tree health.Tree Service

Trees in an urban environment are subject to several stress factors not present in a natural occurring grove or forest.  Jake, our owner and arborculturist pruning a tree to ensure the health and appearance of a tree in Vancouver WA.

Tree Service, arborculturist removing tree from difficult position.Difficult Tree Removal

When trees are small that can look great on a hill or next to the mail box.  As they grow they may obscure corners or become to large for the area they are planted in.  This can pose a problem for maintaining the health of your trees.  If you have limited room or surrounding structures, we can help provide just the right tree service.

Tree Service, arborist removing dead limbs.Dead Wooding

Strong winds ice and rain can result in some limbs breaking or becoming damaged.  This leads to dead branches caught in side a healthy tree.  These limbs can later fall causing additional damages to the tree or possibly injury to people in the area.  Removal of dead wood promotes the growth of healthy limbs and prevents these limbs for falling.


Tree Service, Prunning a tree.Ornamental Pruning

From Japaneses Maple are a classic example of the potential of ornamental shaping.  The purpose is to create the look of the trees larger cousin.  Even though they are small they should not be trimmed like a hedge or bush.  As a trained tree service provider we carefully select what to remove to best accent the natural lines of the tree.  This is done after evaluating each tree individually.


Tree service, stump grinding.Stump Grinding

If we made the stump or not, we will happily grind the stump so you can reclaim the area.